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NMR data

Common reference compound: .

Isotope 1 Isotope 2 Isotope 3
Isotope 229Th
Natural abundance /% 100
Spin (I) 5/2
Frequency relative to 1H = 100 (MHz) 1.5
Receptivity, DP, relative to 1H = 1.00 -
Receptivity, DC, relative to 13C = 1.00 -
Magnetogyric ratio, g (107 rad T-1 s-1) 0.40
Magnetic moment, m (mN)
Nuclear quadrupole moment, Q (barn) 4.3
Line width factor, 1056l (m4) 6.2


I am grateful to Professor Robin Harris (University of Durham, UK) who provided much of the NMR data, which are copyright 1996 IUPAC, adapted from his contribution contained within reference 1. Where given, data for certain radioactive nuclei are from reference 2. I am also grateful to Professor Pekka Pyykkö (University of Helsinki, Finland) who provided the nuclear quadrupole moment data (references 3 - 5). The isotopic abundances are taken from the naturally occurring isotopes section within WebElements.


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